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Vat fraud: Interdisciplinary Research on Tax crimes in the European Union
(Grant Agreement no: 878619)

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VIRTEU Core Research Team operates within and is supported by the Centre for Financial and Corporate Integrity (CFCI), which aims at creating an awareness and understanding of the complex interrelationships between economics, finance, accounting and law that, together, play a crucial role in informing transformative issues and events facing global corporations, such as corporate scandals, global financial crises, economic instability and inequality in welfare allocation.



Prof. Panagiotis Andrikopoulos

Panagiotis Andrikopoulos is the Executive Director of the Centre for Financial and Corporate Integrity (CFCI) and Professor of Finance at Coventry Business School. He holds a PhD in Finance from the University of Portsmouth (2002) for studying the profitability of contrarian investments strategies in the UK setting. His research interests lie in the areas of behavioural finance, market efficiency and corporate finance, subjects on which he has widely published in various academic journals of international standing, such as the British Accounting Review, Annals of Operations Research, Journal of Business, Finance and Accounting, European Journal of Finance, etc. Panagiotis serves as a panel member of various editorial and scientific advisory boards and has also been a frequent contributor to a wide range of international conferences and research symposia in the UK and abroad.



Nicola Boyle

Nicola Boyle (Level 7 - Coaching and Mentoring - Chartered Management Institute) has worked in the HE environment for over 29 years. In her current role as Operations Manager in the Centre for Financial and Corporate Integrity (CFCI) she takes a key leadership role alongside the Executive Director in the continued development of the research centre supporting the researchers in-target delivery, overseeing and managing the financial budget, integrating the Centre’s activities into a set of cohesive plans, and ensuring sustainability. As part of this role, she works closely with the project teams and principal investigators on the dissemination of project-related events.



Tanya Liguori

A fully qualified Project and Portfolio Manager with experience in supporting research projects through all stages of the project management lifecycle.  Tanya has over 8 years’ experience in the Higher Education sector where she has managed research projects in engineering and manufacturing, business, finance and education acquiring an extensive knowledge of different funders and working with a wide variety of funding programmes from FP7, H2020 and Research Councils through to smaller specialist funders and charities. A highly motivated individual Tanya works towards obtaining results through a solid problem-solving approach, planning, organization and resource management.

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