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Vat fraud: Interdisciplinary Research on Tax crimes in the European Union
(Grant Agreement no: 878619)

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VIRTEU benefits from the participation of a group of internationally renowned Impact Partners. Such a partnership of organisations will provide the Core Research Team with valuable advice on how to enhance the impact of the research focusing on how to mitigate the adverse effects of tax crimes and tax corruption.

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The Hellenic Observatory of Corporate Governance is a research and education centre dedicated to the study and application of responsible principles of corporate governance in Greece. The mission of the HOCG is to examine and monitor the practices of corporate governance through the observation and research of directors, investors, and senior executives. HOCG activities focus on identifying and promoting responsible practices worldwide in all aspects of corporate governance. HOCG  is seeking to become an established forum for professionals and academics. The forum members will have as a common goal the enhancement of corporate governance standards. This can result in simultaneous coordination with similar centres or institutions in other developed and developing economies.


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Dr Dimitrios N. Koufopoulos is a Visiting Professor, School of Law, CCLS, Honorary Research Fellow at Birkbeck University and Director of the Global Online MBA Programmes at the University of London. Since 1991 he has held numerous academic positions at Brunel University, Cardiff University as well as in University of Warwick and Liverpool. He publishes extensively in academic journals and every year numerous papers that co-authors are presented in major conferences national and international conferences. In 2007, he established the Hellenic Observatory of Corporate Governance, where researches on five distinct economic sectors for Greece are contacted and published. He is the Founder of and Managing Partner in Gnosis Management Consultants, specializing in training and research as well as a Partner at Proteas Ltd.


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