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Vat fraud: Interdisciplinary Research on Tax crimes in the European Union
(Grant Agreement no: 878619)

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VIRTUE enjoys the support of world-leading academics, who have extensive expertise in specific areas of knowledge relevant for the project. The Special Advisers offer the Core Research Team guidance on how to enhance the scientific rigour of the research and will share their thoughts about the project outcomes during the final conference in London.



Prof. Jennifer Arlen

Jennifer Arlen is Norma Z. Paige Professor of Law at New York University, School of Law, and Director of the Program on Corporate Compliance and Enforcement. Her scholarship focuses on corporate criminal enforcement, medical malpractice, and experimental law and economics. She has served as the President of both the American Law and Economics Association and the Society for Empirical Legal Studies (which she co-founded in 2005). A prolific scholar, she has published in leading journals including the Rand Journal of Economics, Journal of Law & Economics, Journal of Legal Studies, Journal of Law, Economics, & Organization, Journal of Legal Analysis, Yale Law Journal, Chicago Law Review, NYU Law Review. She has recently edited the volume "Research Handbook on Corporate Crime and Financial Misdealing."



Prof. Diane M. Ring

Diane Ring currently serves as the Interim Dean of Faculty, Professor of Law and the Dr. Thomas F. Carney Distinguished Scholar at Boston College Law. She researches and writes primarily in the field of international taxation, corporate taxation, and ethical issues in tax practice. Her recent work addresses issues including information exchange, tax leaks, international tax relations, sharing economy and human equity transactions, and ethics in international tax. Diane was a consultant for the United Nation’s 2014 project on tax base protection for developing countries, and the U.N.'s 2013 project on treaty administration for developing countries.



Prof. Tina Søreide

Tina Søreide is Professor of Law and Economics at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). She holds a PhD in economics and did a post-doc in criminal law. Her research and publications are focused on corruption, governance, markets and development, currently with an emphasis on law enforcement. She was previously employed by the Faculty of Law, University of Bergen, the Chr. Michelsen Institute, and the World Bank, Washington DC. Tina is frequently engaged in policy work for the Norwegian Government and multilateral organizations. In 2020, she has served as the editor the volume "Negotiated Settlements in Bribery Cases A Principled Approach."

Tina Soreide
Diane Ring
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