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Vat fraud: Interdisciplinary Research on Tax crimes in the European Union
(Grant Agreement no: 878619)

Image by Alex Mustaros

VIRTEU benefits from the participation of a group of internationally renowned Impact Partners. Such a partnership of organisations will provide the Core Research Team with valuable advice on how to enhance the impact of the research focusing on how to mitigate the adverse effects of tax crimes and tax corruption.


Spotlight on Corruption is a UK based charity working to end corruption in the UK and wherever the UK has influence. We track how the UK enforces its anti-corruption laws, research the ways in which they can be improved, investigate cases where anti-corruption laws have been broken and hold the government and enforcement agencies to account for ensuring anti-corruption laws work properly. We do this by a mix of monitoring the UK courts and enforcement agencies, conducting indepth research and exploring strategic litigation.



Dr Susan Hawley is an anti-corruption specialist who has worked on anti-corruption issues in the UK for nearly two decades. She has expertise in policy and research in UK anti-corruption enforcement. Previously she was a founder and Policy Director of Corruption Watch UK, where she led the work on monitoring court trials, tracking UK enforcement and pushing for greater court transparency.


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